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Branding & Strategy

Branding & Strategy


Keeping your business in the minds of your customers: How we keep you in touch!

Nobody likes to feel that they have been forgotten and this is never more true for your existing customers. Keeping you in touch can actually drive repeat sales either directly from your customer or through the word-of-mouth marketing they are doing on your behalf. They may not need your product or services again right now but they may know someone who does.

If you keep top of their mind they will think of you when asked by business colleagues, friends or family if you know someone who can help them out with their particular need or problem.

We will strive to keep your brand and services at the top of peoples list by using various tried and tested methods of advertising through either Google campaigns or email and text message marketing.

“Identity is cause;
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman


Strategies in Marketing. We will deliver monthly/weekly reports giving you an in depth analysis of the results of your campaigns> We spend our time analysing PPC campaign performance. We make our reports and recommendations easy for all clients to quickly understand how their business is performing online.

Our acute understanding of online consumers and the current market allow us to constantly develop new strategies to help your business keep growing. Week on week, we strive to deliver the very best results on your PPC campaigns and are continually exploring new ways to improve the way your customers reach you.

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

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